Birth Support

Sister Diaspora Birth Support was born out of the dire need to prevent the current medical industry’s over-reliance of invasive interventions escalating to c-sections for low risk births resulting in an alarming disproportion of infant and/or maternal mortality rates in our communities of color. #SDLBirthSupport

Our intentions as Doulas/Birth Activists is to significantly reduce imposed medical fear and trauma by providing the necessary prenatal education, birth support and postpartum care and healing rooted in ancestral pre-colonial teachings. We believe such medicinal teachings will guide us to birth the next seven generations. #SDLBirthSupport

Definition of Doulas/Birth Activist: We adhere to a broader definition which includes providing healing and support through life’s major transitions, with the understanding that life is a series of cycles that presents us with an opportunity for rebirth. #SDLBirthSupport

Offerings (on a sliding scale and available in Spanish)

  • Preconception preparation

  • Prenatal Education

  • Hospital, Home or Birthing Center Doula Support

  • Abortion or Miscarriage Support

  • Herbal Remedies

  • Crystals for Pregnancy and Birth

  • Placenta Encapsulation

  • Postpartum Care and Healing (4th Trimester/La Cuarentena)

  • Death/Hospice Support

  • Cancer or Chronic Illness Support

  • Womb Care Worskhop

For more info contact us at:

If you would like to request a workshop  please fill out our SDL Birth Support Workshop Request Form

Womb Care Workshop 2017