International Womxn’s Day Mixer-2019

Such a lovely turn out for the #IWD mixer! Thank you to everyone who came out! We appreciate appreciate all the support and love. Whenever womxn from all walks of life are in the same room the energy shifts. We are powerful. At the mixer, we shared out thoughts on the #CombaheeRiverCollective statement written by Barbara Smith, Demita Frazier, and Beverly Princess who created their own space to address the intersectional challenges as queer, women of color that were not being addressed with the mainstream feminist, civil rights, and Black Panther Movements. Today, those challenges continue but we as women of the diaspora we are more interconnected then ever. From building sisterhood with “Las 17” in El Salvador, to making sure women and girls of Haitian and Dominican descent see themselves represented in dolls, the layers of solidarity are what tie us together. #WomensHistoryMonth #HerstoryMonth || #SisterDiaspora #aLoveEthic