#TimesUpWendys Freedom Fast!

As part of Women’s Herstory Month, SDL’s political circle has joined the Alliance for Fair Food in supporting the Coalition of Immokalee Workers to fight sexual assault in the farm fields. WE are in full solidarity with the farm worker women who will be fasting in front of the office of Wendy’s Board Chair, Nelson Peltz. Our target is to get Wendy’s on board and to support the boycott. The farm workers (mostly women) are in New York for a one week campaign to target the Wendy’s Board President who refuses to help set standards of human dignity for farm workers in the field who are growing our food! Farm workers will be fasting in front of his building, culminating in a march. This is about #MeToo and #TimesUp having meaning for working migrant women of color also. Most of the workers are women from Guatemala, Haiti, and Mexico and they work under horrific conditions and also endure threats of sexual harassment and rape. We need the broader movement for sexual violence advocacy to also uplift and support the voices of women of color, who all too often work in conditions that don’t allow for the violence to be seen or heard. #TimesUp is not just for rich White actresses, it should be for all of us, even those of us who have been pushed to the shadows and invisible jobs.
On March 15th, SDL marched alongside the Coalition of Immokalee Workers and the Alliance for Fair Food in solidarity with farm workers demanding their right to work in safe conditions and end sexual violence in the fields. Womxn of color are taking a stand despite risks of retaliation, job loss, violence, deportation and criminalization and bringing justice to their communities and we join them in saying #TimesUpWendys #MeToo
On March 14th, SDL joined the National Domestic Workers Alliance, the Coalition of Immokalee Workers, and End Rape on Campus(#InMyWords) in a panel lead by the ED of the National Economic and Social Rights Initiative to discuss our different battles fighting sexual violence, culture change, and the meaning of solidarity. The panel was held in front of the #FreedomFast, a campaign to get Wendy’s on board with protecting worker’s rights, specifically violence against women.
Please join us in supporting the workers, who have given up their wages to come here and fight for us all with social media advocacy by supporting #TimesUpWendys #BoycottWendys
For more information visit the Coalition of Immokalee Workers  and the Alliance for Fair Food.