Abolish NYPD

Sister Diaspora for Liberation utilizes an abolishment frame to dismantle mass incarceration, detention, and racist oppressive policing systems- all of which are tied to the prison industrial complex and the intertwining of capitalism and white supremacy. 

An abolishment frame forces us to ask they big why questions and address root problems and causes and systems that are allowing them to exist. 

We believe this transformation will require us to hold and create power in all areas, whether protesting in the streets with civil disobedience, through our voting ballots, or through systemic policy reform. 

We are currently endorsing the Communities for Police Reform Campaign in New York along with dozens of other community organizations to secure changes to the oppressive NYPD that has targeted Black, Brown, Undocumented, Queer, and Working-Class communities. 

We have joined 170+ organizations and signed onto the #NYCBudgetJustice/ #DefundNYPD letter. 

Our objective is to immediately increase public pressure to affect the NYPD FY21 expense budget by AT LEAST $1B and redirect those monies to communities that have been most devastated by COVID-19 and police violence.

We are focused on making sure that the Speaker, Councilmembers & Mayor feel pressure to meet the movement’s demands (from CUPR):

  • CUT at least $1B to from NYPD FY21 expense budget – and REDIRECT all related savings (over $1B) to be redirected to communities.
  • DENY and CANCEL all new policing-related initiatives and related budget increases in NYPD’s FY21 budget (this includes canceling the misguided “ambassador” program the Mayor recently announced. NYC can’t afford to keep letting NYPD create new public relations initiatives when public health infrastructure, programs & safety net don’t meet the survival needs of Black, Latinx and other NYers of color.)
  • Require increased transparency of NYPD budget by including formal transparency “terms & conditions” in the FY21 budget that gets adopted

The 2020 fiscal budget year is ending June 30th. We must ramp up our advocacy now! Join us by calling, emailing, tweeting, and facebooking your councilmember, Speaker Corey Johnson, and Mayor Bill de Blasio demanding that they commit to the above