#Abolishment #Defunding and investment into our communities. 

Sister Diaspora for Liberation joins almost 70 organizations and family members of those murdered by the police to demand a complete change to the NYPD “discipline matrix” – a publicly available framework for disciplinary penalties and factors the NYPD considers for different types of police misconduct and rule-breaking.

This matrix just serves as a roadmap for NYPD to continue their violent actions without accountability. Instead, the matrix outlines a myriad of loopholes and justifications to protect officers. In short: “NYPD officers who engage in police violence, refuse to intervene or report when they witness other officers engage in misconduct, don’t follow the law, or engage in other abusive misconduct – should be fired. It’s that simple.” 

Read the full letter here (input hyperlink) https://www.changethenypd.org/sites/default/files/cpr_families_organizations_letter_on_nypd_discipline_matrix_9-30-2020_final.pdf

Make your public comments here to the city and NYPD and let them know this won’t do. (input hyperlink) https://www1.nyc.gov/site/nypd/about/about-nypd/public-comment.page

SDL believes in full liberation from the criminal unjustice system and mass incarceration. We therefore fight for #Abolishment #Defunding and investment into our communities.