Black Lives Matter

Sister Diaspora for Liberation is in solidarity with all the uprisings throughout the country, our hearts heavy with the expression of pain and outrage at what we know to be an unjust system rooted in white supremacy. We unequivocally demand the defunding of police, the abolishment of the prison industrial system, and justice for the many lives taken from us. We are here to support the movement for Black Lives and fully acknowledge that there is no liberation without Black liberation.

We send our love and light to all the protesters and all those who are in pain, and we commit ourselves to be part of the struggle to dismantle white supremacy.

We join dozens of other organizations and Communities United for Police Reform and endorse the #SaferNYAct that includes a series of bills to immediately address police violence while we fight for abolishment.

To support, please consider making a donation to Reclaim the BlockMinnesota Freedom Fund, and Black Visions Collective, and the Movement for Black Lives.