SDL at the Women of Color in Solidarity Conference

SDL’s Full Spectrum Birth Support Program joined the 2017 Women of Color in Solidarity Conference to provide a workshop on Womb Care, falling in line with this years theme, “Connecting Head, Heart & Soul: Healing Women of Color by Women of Color.”

Lead by sisters Leilani Montes,  a certified doula with over 3 years of Doula birth work experience, Lourdes Carrasco, a recently graduated Doula with trainings on moon cycles and menstruation care, and Erica Lim, an MSW with clinical and group facilitation experience, the workshop provided an insightful understanding of what basic womb care is for women in various reproductive stages and tips for keeping a healthy womb through gut health and herbal medicine. The workshop tied womb care to birthing justice issues and the broader fight for social justice for Women of Color as we work to reclaim control over our bodies rooted in a love ethic.