Birthing Ourselves, Conceiving Our Dreams – Recap!

The Healing Circle team, a branch of the SDL collective, celebrated the launch of their Full Spectrum Doula / Birth Activist #SDLBirthSupport program on Saturday, June 23rd, 2018. The day began with a workshop, continued with a speaker series and culminated with a celebration. The event took place in Harlem.

SDL Birth Support partnered with Yokasta Tineo, LMT (Kasa Healing Massage Therapy & Reiki) to host “Birthing Ourselves / Conceiving Our Dreams,” a pre-conception workshop that encouraged participants to reevaluate, reconstruct and rebirth their goals and intentions through an exploration of their patterned thoughts, behaviors and resistances. The presenters facilitated a discussion on vibrational realignment and strengthening their commitment to self-discipline and self-love as a means towards personal and collective liberation.

Following the workshop, Maternal Justice Campaign Director, S. Nadia Hussain (MomsRising) addressed the ongoing efforts of the #MaternalJustice and Black Mamas Matter campaigns. Jazmin Chavez, Director of Digital for The Center for Popular Democracy drew a correlation between reproductive rights/justice and keeping families together. After the speaker series, SDL Birth Support gave homage to their mentors, supporters, and collaborators, who included Katie Grassle (Citizens Committee for New York City) and Mélat Seyoum a full-spectrum doula and freelance GIS Analyst/Developer. It was a warm, joyful and uplifting event, where healers, activists, and community leaders gathered to address the complexities and intersections that exist in birth work. for more pics, check out our facebook album!

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