Poet X with SDL Reading Circle

Elizabeth Acevedo’s Poet X launched the 2020 #SDLReadingCircle. Hosted at Buunni Inwood, with the support of the Dominican Writers Association, the event was filled with an energy that was as vibrant, as it was heartening. Alongside Omaris Z. Zamora-García, Ph.D., participants explored the interconnectedness between gender, sexuality, and religion, and the ways in which the main character, Xiomara’s, transition into adulthood mirrored our own stories. Poet X gives words to experiences that up until now, have rarely been seen. And that process, of examining and reflecting on our stories, offered a unique elixir instrumental for our collective healing. Mothers even brought their daughters!

For more information, please check out the following resources:

·      “Black Latina Girlhood Poetics of the Body: Church, Sexuality and Dispossession” (Zamora, 2020)

·      Elizabeth Acevedo

·      Dominican Writers Association